HFS Partition Recovery on Mac

Hierarchical File System, which is basically known as HFS is a primary version of the file system used on Macintosh computers. HFS comes out with special features like unique file ID’s, allocation block size of 4K – 32K, files can have dual forks, character limit in file names, etc. HFS also uses B-trees in order to maintain the records of all Volume metadata such as details of all files and directories in a Volume, details of allocation blocks that are assigned to every file, etc.

However, HFS has some limits with growing disk sizes, and so its extended version HFS+ was developed as a replacement. In spite of limitations, HFS is considered as extensively used, especially on interchange media and in software distribution. As HFS is extensively used, data loss from HFS Volume is quite common in these days, and it is due to either human mistakes or some logical errors. Now, let us see some instances that leads to data loss from HFS Mac Volume

  1. Intentional or unintentional formatting of Mac HFS Volume without having data backup leads to permanent loss of the files stored in that Volume
  2. Corruption in Master Directory Block that holds information related to Volumes on Mac machine results in inaccessibility of HFS Volume
  3. Since Catalog file holds records of all the files and directories present in the Volume, corruption to it can lead to huge data loss
  4. Frequent power outage can cause operating system crash that in turn lead to loss of files and folders from HFS Volume
  5. Severe virus infection to HFS Volume can lead to loss of files

Remo Recover – Professional HFS partition recovery software:

Remo Recover is an ideal HFS partition recovery tool to restore lost or deleted files from HFS Volume. Just download, install, and run this HFS partition recovery free demo version on your Mac machine to recover your files and view the recovered files before you activate the complete edition. By utilizing its advanced scanning mechanism, it scans the entire Mac Volume and recovers all your missing or erased files in safe and secure way. Once it finishes the recovery process, allows you to view the recoverable files with its in-built Preview button. Now, if you are satisfied with the tool, then activate it and save the recovered files at your destination place without rescanning your HFS drive again

Other features of this software:

  1. Remo Recover, which is an efficient HFS partition recovery software supports HFS, HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, and ExFAT partition recovery on all popular versions of Mac OS X including Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  2. It effortlessly recovers files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, and damaged Mac Volumes
  3. “Save Recovery Session” feature in demo version enables you to avoid rescanning of Mac drives in future while running the full version of the tool
  4. It also recovers data from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, jump drives, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, and other storage drives
  5. It retrieves videos, images, audios, documents, and other files without any difficulty.

Note: Once you notice that you have lost or deleted your important files from HFS Volume, then immediately stop using that respective Volume until you recover your files. Because, if you overwrite on the lost or deleted files with new files, then data recovery becomes quite difficult or almost impossible