How to Disable Write Protection on SD Card?

One day or the other, you might have struggled with situations where Windows is not able to copy anything to a write-protected SD card. This article is meant for the people who are looking to disable write protection in their SD memory cards. Here, we provide you with two methods to disable write protection on SD card.

SD Card

There are some situations wherein you feel frustrated when your Windows is not able to copy any file or folder due to some write protection enabled on your SD card. But, Windows can access the contents that are already stored in the card without any issue.

Most of the people consider write protection as a big problem that is difficult to be resolved. But, the fact is that write protection is actually meant for the protection of your SD card from unauthorized write operations. This is actually an advantage, but sometimes it becomes the cause of heartbreak and irritation on your face, as it doesn’t allow you to save any files on the card. So, here in this article, we are going to tell you some methods to disable write protection on your SD card. Here are few things that you need to check out.

Slide the switch to disable write protection:

All the memory cards will be having a switch that is used to enable or disable write protection in it. Most probably, you might have changed the position of that slider switch. If you have a micro SD card, then put it in an adapter and then try to slide the switch.

Use anti-virus application:

Scan your write protected SD card with a reliable and updated anti-virus software. There are chances that some viruses or malware having evil intentions for your SD card. If your SD card is severely affected by virus or malware, then you may encounter with SD card empty error message, when tried to access the card. In such circumstances, you won’t be able to access the files stored in SD card, but the files are still intact. But, the files are being made invisible. It is really heartbreaking to see such error message. However, you can overcome this issue and get access to your files by utilizing Remo Recover software. This software recovers all kinds of files from a virus infected SD cards with great ease.

SD card may be low on space:

It is not the faulty hardware or malware conspiring against your SD card every time. It might be possible that the file that you are trying to copy is larger than the size available on your SD card. So, it is better to go to the properties of your SD card and check whether it has enough free space.

Sometimes the problem might be with the file that you wanted to copy, as the file may be set to Read-only. You can remove it by going to the properties of that particular file and unchecking the Read-only check box.

Disabling the write protection in SD card using CMD:

If the above methods are not helping you, then you have to go one step further. You can disable write protection on your SD card by using Windows Command Prompt. Here are the steps to use Command Prompt.

  1. Plug in your write protected SD card to your computer.
  2. Then, go to Start menu and type ‘cmd’ in the search bar.
  3. Now, type diskpart and hit Enter button.
  4. Type list disk and hit Enter button. Here you will be able to see a list of storage drives that are connected to the computer including your internal hard drive, SD card, etc.
  5. Type select disk <number of your disk>. For instance, select disk 2 in my case. Before proceeding further make sure that you enter the disk number correctly and don’t end up changing the attributes of the internal hard drive or any other storage drive.
  6. Now, Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.
  7. Type exit and hit Enter key to get out of the diskpart utility. Type exit and press Enter key again to get out of the command line.

This completes the process of disabling the write protection in your SD card and Windows will now be able to copy files and folders to your SD card.

Disabling write protection in SD card by formatting:

Here is an alternative way of removing write protection on your SD card. Formatting the SD card is the other way of removing write protection in SD card. Here are the steps to format the SD card.

  1. Connect your write protected SD card to your computer via card reader.
  2. Now, Open My Computer/This PC.
  3. Right-click on the drive representing the SD card and click Format in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Restore device defaults in the next window.
  5. Click Start to initiate the format process.
  6. Click OK the warning message.

It will take some time to complete the format process. Wait till format gets completed. After the completion of format, you will be able to use your SD card normally.