How to Protect an External Hard Disk Files from Accidental Deletion?

There are times when you accidentally delete files from external hard drive and later regret your action. But unfortunately, the deleted files from external drive does not go to Recycle Bin. Thus, are you looking for a way to protect the external hard drive from an accidental deletion? Then, this post will help you to overcome this issue with an effective solution. Just keep reading to know more.

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Advanced resolution

  1. At first, connect your external drive to a Windows computer
  2. Next, right click on the file that you wish to protect. Then, from the given drop-down choose Properties
  3. A new window will pop-up which consists of several tabs. Here, navigate to the Security tab
  4. Now, hit the Advanced button present in the Security tab
  5. Then, uncheck the box-Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects
  6. On doing this, a new dialog box will be presented asking you whether you want to remove the parent permission. Then, move ahead and select Copy (This will allow you to modify the permission on your system)
  7. Further, within Permission Entries box, you can eliminate any user/group that you do not wish to access the file. Besides this, if you want to allow the user to read the file but do not want to let them delete it, simply click on the user and choose Edit. Now a new window will show up, where you can control the permission for the file/folder.
  8. Thereafter, you need to wisely mark the box – Read Permission. This will allow the user to only read the file and will not grant permission to delete it.


  • Accidental format/deletion of files is a common issue. If you are a victim of such similar problem, then don’t worry. You can effortlessly restore files after accidental format /deletion using a cutting-edge application called Remo Recover. The tool is absolutely secure and simple to use.
  • The steps that are given above not just prevent users from deleting files from the drive, but will also restrict them from modifying or remaining the file. Thus, your files/folders will be safe from accidental deletion/format.