Latest Features of Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is a latest server operating system which is designed and developed by Microsoft. It was released in September 2016 and it was available for public use from October 2016. Some of the important features of Windows Server 2016:

Security and Assurance

The Server 2016 includes solutions and features of the IT professionals in order to deploy datacenter and cloud environment.

Just Enough Administration

It enables delegates administration which can be managed with the PowerShell. It includes running under a network identity, securely copying files to or JEA endpoints, connecting over PowerShell Direct and so on to launch in JEA context.

Credential Guard

It uses virtualization based security in order to remove secrets. The privileged system software easily accesses the software.

Device Guard

It shares user mode code integrity (UMCI) and kernel mode code integrity (KMCI) that specify which code is running on the server.

Nano Server

This is the updated module for building Server images that includes the separation of physical guest and host VR functionality. It supports various Windows Server editions. It includes inbound and outbound firewall rules which has ability to fix the configuration of WinRM.

Identity and Access

With this new feature, you are able to improve the secure Active Directory and also help them to migrate to hybrid deployments and could only deployments. Some of the application is hosted on cloud whereas others were hosted on other online premise software.


It addresses the network products which are used by IT professionals to design, deploy and maintain the Windows Server 2016.


It also includes new features for software defined storage. Storage space direct enables scalable storage with local drive space. It manages software defined storage system and also unlocks the use of new class of drives like SATA, ATA, IDE, SCSI and so on. These devices were previously not clustered with storage disks and storage spaces.