Repair Corrupted Zip Files on Windows

“Help me…..!!! The Zip folder used to preserve backup is corrupted. This happened because WinZip software used was infected from viruses.

WinZip is a utility that allows users to create, view, access Zip files on Windows system. This application should be downloaded from internet that allows less technical knowledge users also to create Zip file easily. While using WinZip utility, Zip files might get corrupted due to malware infections, in such cases data saved on Zip files will become inaccessible. Since, I use Zip files to backup data, the only way to access Zip files is by using good repairing tool. If anyone have the idea about software that can be used to fix corrupted Zip files, let me know. Thank you.”

Yes, you can repair corrupted Zip files by this ideal software called Remo Repair Zip which is highly recommended by industrial experts.

Common scenarios for Zip file corruption

  • When unsecured large size Zip file is downloaded from internet, files downloading through email attachment etc. can corrupt Zip files due to virus infection.
  • If WinZip application is not working properly due to some errors like up gradation of Zip tool, sudden system shut down etc. then zip files get corrupted.
  • The memory space of your hard drive is lesser when compared to the Zip files, then the chances of Zip file corruption is more.
  • Sudden power failure, abrupt system shut down, improper compression technique and so on are other reasons that are responsible for Zip file corruption.

In order to overcome all the above mentioned Zip file corruption, Remo Recover has come up with strong Zip repair tool called Remo Repair Zip. This tool can perform Zip file repair effectively on Windows system.

Why Remo Repair?

100% safe – As Remo Repair Zip is non – destructive read only software that ensures original Zip file will not be altered

Free demo version – Users can use demo version of Remo Repair software to evaluate its adequacy in advance

24*7 technical support – To solve any interruptions during repairing process, technical team will be available at any time

Striking features of Remo Repair

  • Repairs corrupt Zip and ZipX files without damaging them
  • It has the ability to fix password protected and encrypted Zip files effortlessly
  • This software is designed with enhanced Wizard- like user interface that provides simple instructions to facilitate smooth repair process
  • Repaired files can be saved on any desired location that are available on Windows system
  • This Remo Repair Zip software can be installed on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003
  • Apart from this, Remo Repair can repair different files types like PST, MOV, Word, which is supported by Windows system. Visit the mentioned URL for further details about the software.

Precautionary Measures

  • Always preserve a copy of Zip files on any external storage device
  • Download secured WinZip utility
  • Connect UPS to system, when you are viewing, creating Zip files
  • Zip files should be closed accurately to prevent corruption